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Our Equipment

Our Equipment Gets The Job Done Every Time

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment on purpose. We aim to keep our team safe and efficient at all times. In addition, we prioritize leaving your property in the condition it was in when we arrived.
These are the tools that we use to get your job done!

Using a CMC 72HD+ Arbor Pro to trim a large tree

CMC 72HD+ Arbor Pro

Our state-of-the-art tracked lift allows us to access hard-to-reach trees safely. The rubber tracks prevent the machine from damaging your yard. The lift will drive itself through a 3ft gate and reach over 70ft in the air. This machine is the safest, fastest, and most turf-friendly way to remove or trim your trees.

Ditch Witch SK1550

The mini skid steer is a lifesaver. With this machine, we can haul large tree logs and limbs quickly and efficiently. Rubber tracks saves your lawn and its heavy lifting ability saves our crews backs. The Ditch Witch SK1550 will lift a 4,000 pound log and drive thru at 42in gate.

Bandit SG-75

That's right we grind our own stumps. Our Bandit SG-75 is brand spanking new. It utilizes rubber tracks like our other equipment. The grinder is remote controlled which allows the operator to stand at a safe distance while making quick work of your stump.

The Bucket Truck

A staple for any tree service. If you don't have a bucket truck are you really doing tree work? With a 70ft reach we can park at the curb and access almost any tree in your front yard.

Vermeer BC 1800 XL Brush Chipper

Another staple of any tree service. This chipper makes disposal of your tree debris easy and simple. Anybody want free wood chips?